We're a team of young makers,
Bootstrapping with pure passion and love

We design and develop high-quality tech solutions for companies and awesome people like you. We like being fun, eclectic and pragmatic in our approach. Our projects have been used by over 400K users and our clients are based in numerous countries. We work on a lot of side-projects too and you can omit this crappy introduction text to witness our projects below.

What we do?

We work on our side-projects and client projects at the same time because both of them help us grow in different ways

Web Development

Every company needs an online presence and a website will give you that professional outlook. We design and develop Landing pages, E-Commerce sites and full-fledged web applications. We specialise in Bubble.is too, which is a tool that lets anybody quickly design, develop, and ship complex web applications without code, in just a couple of days whether it be for quickly validating your idea via an MVP or building a commercially viable product itself.

App Development

We develop native mobile applications for both- iOS and Android but we’ve spent more time and energy into perfecting our iOS applications specifically. We are constantly looking for ways to expand by, experiment and integrate and use other bleeding-edge technologies such as Computer Vision, Blockchain and Augmented Reality into our applications. This way, we can always stay more relevant and expand the range of possibilities for our customers and clients.

AR/VR, Game Development & Media

We love educating people about technology and helping other people make and ship stuff for other people. We have demonstrated and communicated this interest via YouTube and several hands-on workshops. We also develop Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality applications and 2D Games. Our projects have employed Unity, Apple’s ARKit, Vuforia and OpenCV.

We'd like to show you our works.

How we work


Gain Context

A meaningful and impactful solutions like your ideas need to be written down and illustrated on a white board first. We study the target demographic’s culture, expectations and even make predictions into whether they would appreciate a feature.


Design, Prototype and Build

We are neither the quickest nor the slowest in the business. We believe in taking as much time as possible to adapt to a different culture, adopt a different perspective and hustle to deliver the best experiences.


Ship this shit

We don’t have a marketing ninja on-board (at least not yet, unless you’re planning on joining us) but as creatives, we believe in logging our experiences online, helping others grow and removing the fears of launching as soon as possible. The best part about shipping a new product is that you get to make new friends and collaborate with like-minded people.


Mohammed Haashir

CEO, UI/UX Designer

Waseem Akram

Lead Software Engineer, iOS Specialist

Sameer Syed

Android Developer

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